Community Rules


  1. No image or video content illegal within Canada content is to be posted anywhere on the boards.
  2. Hiffwe
  3. Do not add a signature or other form of self-identification in your post on boards that are set to “forced anonymous”. These are boards where the name field is disabled for a reason. If you need to be identified, this is why there is an ID field.
  4. If you act like a dumb kid, completely unlikable douchebag, or anything that we consider an “undesirable element” that has demonstrated a consistent negative impact on the atmosphere of the community, you can expect to not remain here for very long.
  5. This community is 18+ Only.
    This is for legal reasons. Do not ignore this rule and try acting like nothing’s wrong, we are obligated to remove you.
    Underage bans are quickly removed upon displaying proof of age to a staff member.

    If you admit to being underage, goodbye.
  6. The above rule also applies if your spelling and grammar is about as bad as someone underage. Hint: you look like a total moron.
  7. No personal contact info of any kind is to be posted or shared with the intention to buy or sell scheduled drugs or pharmaceuticals. Additionally, under no circumstances are the following to be posted:
    • E-mail addresses
    • Phone numbers
    • Home addresses
  8. If you want to advertise, then buy a banner. Don’t want to?
    Then don’t shill your products/services/contests by posting threads about them, pissing people off in the process,
    and getting your posts removed in quick fashion.
  9. We do not care about 4chan/Any other chan bullshit. Do not post threads like “SO I JUST GOT BANNED FROM 4CHAN” – You will be banned.
  10. No personal army requests.
  11. Before you post, take a few deep breaths and try not to rage at anyone and anything that doesn’t tickle your fancy. You are not doing
    anything to contribute to the overall health of the board, and instead create an air of hostility.
    This makes other people hostile, and things just get worse and worse. RELAX. Before your negativity gets you booted out.
    Moderators are there to keep things in order. Our rules are in place to protect the decency of our boards.
    If you have complaints, take it to /420/ where they belong.
  12. Hate speech is forbidden. 420chan is a diverse and inclusive community.

Drug Board Rules

    Asking for general prices is perfectly fine.
  2. No posting or requesting RC vendor sources, ever.
  3. Don’t troll the drug sections if you don’t like drugs. They’re for semi-intelligent discussion on each topic.
    Nobody cares about the false information some idiot told you at your school’s DARE meeting about how one puff of marijuana will make you
    rape your dog and kill your parents and shoot crack cocaine into your eyeballs.
  4. Check at least 5 pages back before posting a BUMP WHEN HIGH thread.
  5. There are other boards on 420chan for you to post about music, movies, growing, etc. The site is called “420chan” for a reason.
    Please refrain from using these boards as a dumping grounds for anything you do “when you’re high”.

Special Board Rules

  1. /420/ is for site discussion and community-to-staff interaction. Posting anything else is grounds for constant ridicule.
  2. /b/ is a (nearly) anything-goes melting pot board. Most of the General rules still apply here. Use your head.

Academic Board Rules

  1. These boards are not your dumping ground for stupid racist shit.
  2. All General Rules apply here

Discussion Board Rules

  1. Talk about said subjects. Try to keep your conversations somewhat civil.
    Don’t forget you can also use these boards to talk about the topic “on drugs”.
    This is not to be exclusive to /weed/ and friends!
  2. All General Rules apply here

Image Board Rules

  1. Keep on topic. People don’t want to see unicorns when they’re looking for crossdressing twinks.
  2. All General Rules apply here

How do I get Unbanned?

  1. We have mechanisms in place on our IRC network to make ban management significantly quicker. Please, use #420chan for ban queries.
  2. The chances of being unbanned are related to the offense. Obviously if you post kiddy diddling you aren’t going to get much from us.