IRC Network Info

Channel: #420chan
Available Ports: 6667, 9999

Notable Channels (type /join #channel)

#wooo: Wrestling Discussion
#drugs: Drugs & Weed Discussion
#qq: Personal Issues Crap

General Network Rules

  1. No buying or selling drugs or soliciting to do so is allowed on any channel on the network. Anyone found to be doing so will be ejected.

IRC Clients

mIRC (Windows)
X-Chat (Windows)
X-Chat Aqua (Mac OS X)
Colloquy (Mac OS X)
irssi (Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, Cisco IOS, Jim Ross’ Ass)

How to connect to the server with irssi

1: Start irssi
2: Type /connect
3: Type /nick <yournickhere> (example: /nick stupid_fucker)
4: Type /join #<channel name> (example: /join #420chan)
5: Press the alt-key and the window number you want to go to. Server window is window 1, and your new channel is window 2. To go to window 2, you press alt+2.
6: If you are kicked, you can rejoin by repeating step 4.
7: To write a private message, type /msg <nick> <message>.
8: To leave a channel, write /wc (window close)

Welcome to the wonderful world of irc!