Donating to 420chan: Information & FAQ

Now in our 7th year, 420chan is one of the largest imageboard communities in the world. With millions of visits every month coming from every corner of the globe, our community requires a massive amount of bandwidth and computing resources. And we continue to grow each and every day.

Unfortunately, as much as we might wish it so, nothing in the world is free. That includes 420chan, and the resources required to continue providing our service to you, each and every day.

There are no registrations, no premium services, and an absolute minimum of advertising. Staff are here as volunteers, freely contributing their spare time to help maintain a solid, helpful, and intelligent community.

With current hosting and service costs, 420chan requires just over $500 (U.S. Dollars) every month to survive. To complicate things, the majority of the content that exists within our community makes us ineligible for many payment processors, advertising networks, and other similar services.

Gracious donations from our users have kept us up and running for the last five years. As our community grows, costs rise with it. Without these generous anonymous contributions from our users, we would not be able to continue providing these boards for any and all to read, appreciate, and enjoy.

How To Donate

In the past, donations were obtained using PayPal. As you may already gather, the content on 420chan doesn’t conform to PayPal’s gestapo-like Terms of Service. This has posed issues on more than one occasion. Due to this, we are not accepting direct donations through PayPal anymore.

Currently, the easiest method of donating is via Bitcoin. Bitcoin is an anonymous digital currency that serves our needs perfectly. There are many popular Bitcoin trading sites that make the process of converting your money into Bitcoins very easy. These Bitcoins can then be sent 100% anonymously to any other Bitcoin user.

The official Bitcoin client can be found at

The 420chan Bitcoin receiving address is 13N1cvD7Cw8ZdJ74Ry7buBMhQKzN4nHvTB

Donating with

Xoom is a service much like Western Union, with the exception that it isn’t utter crap and their fees are significantly lower. This method of donation is fast and secure, however it should not be used for small (small meaning under $40) contributions due to their fees, which can range from $4 to $10.

Xoom contributions can be initiated by contacting Kirtaner via 420chan IRC, AIM (KirtanerAster), or Email ([email protected])

American Users

The largest U.S. based Bitcoin trading sites are TradeHill and MtGox. There are plenty others to choose from as well.

Once you have a sum of Bitcoins that you wish to send, the Bitcoin address you wish to send coins to is 13N1cvD7Cw8ZdJ74Ry7buBMhQKzN4nHvTB

Make sure you enter this carefully as Bitcoin transactions are irreversible.

Canadian Users

Canadian 420chan users have an additional option. We can accept Interac e-Transfers from most major Canadian banks.

If you intend on sending an Interac e-Transfer, you can do so from your bank’s online banking system. The details you will need to enter are as follows:

  • Name: Aubrey Cottle
  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Security Question: What is Internet?
  • Answer: 420chan

Make sure you have entered all of these details correctly, as we cannot receive them otherwise.

If you wish to use Bitcoins, the address is the same as mentioned earlier, 13N1cvD7Cw8ZdJ74Ry7buBMhQKzN4nHvTB

International Users

Currently the easiest method for International users is donating by Bitcoin.

Most countries can use TradeHill to convert money into Bitcoins.

If you wish to use Bitcoins, the address is the same as mentioned earlier, 13N1cvD7Cw8ZdJ74Ry7buBMhQKzN4nHvTB.

If you wish to send an international bank wire or Xoom wire, you can email us at [email protected]